I worked with Anna at TINYpulse, where she was a full-time Senior UX designer. Anna was involved in design for Coach, a product that helps to increase employee productivity and achieve a trusting relationship with the manager. I am happy to work with Anna because she is responsible and always does everything on time. I liked the way she solves problems, offers ideas, and is passionate about design.

David Niu

UX/UI Design for Momby – mobile app

Anna is really an awesome person to work with. She is so talented in design, illustration, and always keep the eyes on UX. Everything she designs, there is a reason “why” behind. When working with her, you will not only have a co-worker but also a close friend. She is kind, friendly with everyone. I have worked with her on both volunteer (Rails Girls) and business (at TINYpulse and Momby) projects. She always has big accountability for her job. Therefore, I can say that I always want to work with her.

Ngọc Nguyễn

Web and graphic design for Web-master

(Translated from russian language) We have been working for a long time and will continue to work 🙂

Vladimir Fomenko

Experience of year in TINYpulse

Anna is a joy to work with. During her time at TINYpulse she won our peer-nominated Spirit award in 2019. She come with creative ideas and always demonstrated a strong work ethic.

Dave Hajdu

Banner ads, facebook & instagram image ads

She’s a great designer, I will hire her again for sure.

Yu Tam

UX/UI design for real estate portals

(Translated from russian language) Very well done with Anya wonderful project design http://ufanovostroyka.ru/ as well as http://mfcs-ufa.ru/. Was very cool and comfortable to work with!

Vitaliy Peryev

Cooperation with several projects

(Translated from russian language) Received a recommendation from a friend. Has ordered a lot of work on two separate projects. Me and the team are very happy with the result, Anna helped develop the concepts and brought them to brilliance. Very nice and responsive person. Soon there will be another project, I have already agreed to resume the work, in general I recommend 😌.

Pavel Nikolayevich

Branding and website design for “Feed Solutions”

(Translate from russian language) Anna is a super designer! She developed our logo, corporate identity, and website design. I’m extremely pleased with her work. From now on I will only address to her and recommend her to my friends. Thank you Anna! If you’re interested, check out www.feedsol.ru.

Grigoriy Ervits

Sticker design

Very skilled designer , good communication, highly recommended.

Moshe Dear

Front page design (mockup) for website

Amazing job.

Gediminas Cicinskas

Graphic design and website design for tanning studio

(Translated from russian language) Were created 2 catalogues, as well as the design of the site! The work was done quickly, professionally and most importantly creatively! I recommend it to everyone!

Albert Urazmanov

Alarm Clock App iOS for iPhone & iPad

Anna works very well, she proposes ideas, she is listening and understands quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with her, I highly recommend her.

Boris Douarre

Web site for land engineer

(Translated from russian language) Anya, thank you for the website! Recommend!

Ayaz Mauliarovich

Cooperation with “Lofty Lab”

(Translate from russian language) I recommend. Worked on several projects. Perfectly coped, patient and responsive, easy to communicate, which is very important. We will address ourselves in the future!

Hurshed Nurmatov

Graphic Artist and Illustrator with Proven Conversion Optimization Results

FANTASTIC graphics work. Ending this contract because this project was completed. We’ve re-hired Anna for other graphics projects and will continue to do so.

Michael Williams

Graphic design for beauty-master

(Translated from russian language) Anechka, thank you so much again for my price, logo and schedule)). Everybody asks who made me this beauty))) It’s a pleasure to work with you. I’ll be sure to contact you again.)

Diana Biramo

Web design for Prime-Web studio

(Translated from russian language) Excellent sense of taste, quick problem solving! Great! 🙂 Way to go!

Timur Kalimullin

UX designer for travel/biohacking app

It was good to work with Anna. She turned my initial sketches into nice app design, created great clickable wireframes, and provided assets for the app developers.

Martina Forgac

Continuous cooperation with the webmaster

(Translated from russian language) I’ve been working with Anya a long time. Perfectly performs his work regardless of the subject matter of the project. I ordered the creation of design for both gaming projects, and for more serious topics, such as design of the site of the company to repair sports cars or construction company branding with subsequent redesign (in this case, the conversion of traffic increased several times). Always takes into account all the requirements for the project, while offering a solution to emerging problems. There have never been any complaints about the work.

Alexandr Smolyak

GK Tourist graphic design

(Translated from russian language) We have a tourist holding company, quite large in our region, but the problem is that the sales offices (and there are a lot of them) work under the franchisees of different tour operators, each of which regulates its own style of design. Anna was able to combine all these absolutely motley styles with our company’s brandbook! Within two years we have systematically reshaped all our sales outlets, developed a line of printed products, outdoor advertising and many other interesting things!)). Very pleased with the cooperation and grateful for the extraordinary approach! Thank you, Anna!) I recommend to everyone!


Cooperation with advertising agency “Positive Media”

(Translated from russian language) We draw comic books with Anya for the mailing lists. It turns out very beautiful and they perfectly match the plot! I want to say special thanks for the positive attitude to work and compliance with all deadlines and deadlines) Thank you, Anya!)

Kseniya Efimova

Graphic design

(Translated from russian language) Excellent work, quality and on time, and most importantly, beautiful and delicious.

Eugeniy Samus

Graphic Design / Illustrator

Great work! We ended up hiring her to design our logo, and used her twice.

Jefferson Pan

Branding, UX/UI for TPufa.ru company

(Translated from russian language) Anya, I thank you for your high quality work. www.tpufa.ru The most important thing for me was that you were able not only to make the design in a short time, but also to find the concept of design, logo and Website structure, which, in my opinion, reflects the concept of our company. Thank you for your work. I recommend it))).

Alexandr Novosyelov

Redesign our Logo

Great contractor!

Jefferson Pan

Graphic design and branding for wedding store

(Translated from russian language) Anya was making me a business card layout and a wedding salon sign. I liked the fact that it turned out exactly what I wanted, and most importantly quickly and without any problems.)

Darya Gaponova

Graphic design for enterpreneur

(Translated from russian language) The raid caught my idea and brought it to life in time, and the price was glad! Thank you very much, I will address you again and not once).

Alina Magomedova

EasyFinance.ru – web and graphic design

(Translated from russian language) Our service EasyFinance.ru has been fruitfully cooperating with Anna for over a year. The impression of Anna’s work is extremely positive both for me and for the service management. The main advantages: Anna does not create unnecessary problems in communication, she is calm about criticism and meets deadlines. At the same time, the quality of the work remains consistently high.


Cooperation with Insofta Design

(Translated from russian language) Thank you! Without a shadow of irritation, I was finalizing the layout of the logo as required by the customer. The result was a great job! We’ll cooperate again, I’m sure.

Albert Mullayanov

Brand Identity – Logo Design

Was Great. Thank you!

Vica Melamed
VICA UX/UI Design & Branding