Tapeshnet – high quality VPN service

Logo, character, website design, html+css, wordpress


“Tapeshnet” is a company that provides VPN services and data protection. The main feature of the website for the company is that users are provided with convenient and helpful materials directly on the pages of the site without registration or purchase of something. It also has an excellent support system as well as understandable tariff rate. Also, this website is in Arabic =) For this project, not only design was implemented, but also a full theme for WordPress, fully adapted for text input from right to left.

The tasks that I faced: logo design, creation of a brand mascot and illustrations to go with it, website design, project management of coding and implementation of WordPress, adaptation of the design to the Arabic language.

Designer: Anna Manjuna Nikitina,
code: Artem Sard Nikitin.

Other works : Web-design