ClockApp – User Interface design for App

Goal: To create the user-interface of four simple but elegant alarm clock themes that are comfortable to use in the dark.

ClockApp is a simple but effective application for setting an alarm clock on your mobile phone. Our mission for this project was to create the user interface for four different themes.

The biggest difficulty for this application was ensuring that the user would be comfortable using the app in the dark. The screen had to be low in contrast whilst keeping the different elements noticeable.

We also wanted to keep the feel of a real alarm clock. As a result, 17X4=68 screens were used along with icon SVG-assets.

This project was completed alongside fellow UX designer, Arina Ostroumova.

Project Tasks:

– Creating the user interface for four different clock themes
– Ensuring the application was easy to use in the dark with no strain to the eye

Tools Used:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe XD

Other works : Web-design