Web Design: Step-by-Step Landing Page for Your Mobile App!

Nov 21, 2018

Friends who love web design!

I did a class on Skillshare and am very proud of it. In this tutorial, I talk about how to design a landing page in Photoshop. The lesson is easy, without too much strain. Step-by-step with my comments.

If you wanted to start at least with something to learn web design, now is the time! =)
Also you can get 2 FREE months of Premium Membership if you ll register by this link!

My class is free for non-premium users. But you need to register to get access to lessons!

It was an interesting experience and a very important step for me. The guys from Skillshare asked to prepare a lesson about web design, and I did not refuse. And I hope that it will be interesting to someone and in the future I will continue this if yes)

Please repost, like, comments if you like it! I will be very very grateful!
Kisses and hugs!

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