How to get a job from UpWork

Nov 10, 2018

For any freelancer, job finding if not the main aspect of the work, then definitely one of the most important. And sure you need not to forget about most easy and clear way – searching on free-lance sites. Searching on Upwork.

So let’s talk about details which freelancer need to notice in job description to find the work.


You are lucky if your native language are same with customer’s language. But If not, must likely you should to speak English.
You need to know language at least at Intermediate level for chatting. But better if you can talk with voice too. Usually all of interesting and high-priced jobs include video-chat too. Because the customer wnat to see freelancer (why? seriously 😃). At main case, customers want to know about worker personality, about philosphy and life values. Also is easy way to convey thoughts to the person.

If you want to know about my communications.. So you see my English is not perfect. And basically I talk in text-chat. But sometimes my customers want to ask something with voice or want to tell me about project. So you need to be ready to this!
At fist easy projects, text-chatting will be quite enough.

Customer time zone

Nobody writes about this but this sis really important thing! In general case people want that you have coincided time zones, Since the compition is huge, the client always chose freelanser with same life mode. It is not convinient for anyounbe to chat in pending mode. If you live in Russia, for example, and you customer from USA, you can try to convince him that you can work at night, but it is easier to find customers who live in same time with you.
Now I live in Vietnam and people from HongKong and Singapore prefer to work with me. Amazing.

Job description

When you find the work, always pay attention to job description. There are need to be enough clear info. This is most important item of my list! You goal at bidding is only one – to show to customer that you can to solve his porblem. Try to think about client’s wishes. Try to figure the solving in your bid (I not mean to finish work that client ask in job descriprion). You can describe with words how you want to make this project.



Necessarily show the samples of previous work in field same customer’s job. For example, if he want e-commerce design for pets, you should to show some e-commerce projects you made and pet-related projects too.

Life-hack. If you have not anything, you can make little part which not take a lot of time. For example, for e-commerce web design, you can show just slider. Or at App design job you can show one screen
as in the example that I attached.


This clearing for customer that you can solve his problem and know the industry he working.
And if you dont know about problem, you can never offer a solution.

Client’s recent history

When you try to get the job you can see that projects customer had before (if you are lucky and client have a history hehe). Here you can understand clear what price he or she ready to pay and what customer say about previous freelancers. Notice that sides of personality are most important to this client, you can write something about in your cover letter.
Anyway you price need to be comfortable to person if you want to get job.


Additional questions

Additional questions – your answers to this questions client see BEFORE cover letter! So they need to be most clear and nice looking. But please answer without long emptywords, nobody likes to read a lot of boring text.


About the price that the customer has set

Very often it does not correspond to the real budget and you can offer your price. In the majority, people do not represent how much this or that work costs, therefore they write a random price. Be sure to tell us why you indicated a price that is different from what the customer said.

Useful links

A good resource about Upwork.
It is focused on copywriters, but may be useful to other professionals!

So guys! Do you use Upwork for job finding? Or may be you know another ways?

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