Check-list. Who need quality web site and who can save

Sep 26, 2018

You just stated your business or you already have working firm. And you think about web site you want: expensive or cheap? Or may be you already have some web-project and you think about ordering something really cool and sales-making.
Let’s try to think when you should not to economy and when you should find more expensive developer for it.

Here a small check-list which helps you to clear this.

I mean «good» website is website on level of your competitors or may be better.

So. You need a good website if:

1. You plan to use this at sales instrument. If you want to get big part of traffic from Google Adwords or SEO or you have another way to invite clients directly to your website.
You potential customers will go to your web-site and the will decide instantly for closing the site or not. Therefore, it’s very important to make website clear, beautiful and useful. If you make something wrong, you ll lose your money used for AdWords marketing tools or another advertising tools.

2. Your competitor’s advantage is creativity. Or if your work field is about design, art, architecture a
nd etc./strong>
W3. If you want to continue your identity.

If you already have a brand book, nice logo, printing materials, that in common case you are solid and serious company. And you need a web site which continue idea established at brand book. Here need an unique design and you cannot take standard WordPress template and make little changes for your firm colors. In company identity are guided not just logo and colors but free space, overall feel, firm graphic elements, fonts!

4. If you have business with high concurrency.
If you want the client selects you company, your site should be not worst top-5 sites from google dearch results in your business field. Or the customer will close your site without reading or watching. At nowadays everybody can make web-project with construct or using not unique WordPress-templates and this work will look nice and clean. Therefore that’s very important thing to create something another from other web sites.

5. If your service/merchandise is expensive!
Your customer need to see that you very successful and have another customer for your merchendise or service. And he need to want this! So it’s very important to make successful feel everywhere you tell about your proposal. And user should not afraid the lie.

Let’s check the situations when you can to order with economy for your web project.

When I say “economy” I mean your website also should to be clear and nice-looking, with good text and images. You can use site constructs, templates or work with young talents.

1. You using social media for your sales and you need website just for publicity the catalog and useful info for clients.
If you sell just in social media and your site is not your marketing tool, then you can use not unique and simple site. Or not use this. BUT if want to find people in Facebook or instagramm and directly send them to website you need a good quality project! At this case your website will be your marketing tool.

2. If your business about cheap merchandise or services near customer’s house.
For example if you are owner of small car service and also work here at yourself. Or if you have a hair salon oriented for people living near. May be you want to grow at future and then you will need sales-making web site. But now at his stage you can use simple page with your services and prices description. Common part of your customers will be use the map to find services near their home or work place. And then they will go to your web page. If they can find all needed info, work samples and contact data, they will come.

3. You are hand-made master which make small quantity of merchandise with low or medium price.
Your customers not want to see expensive web site because there are expecting that your hand-made creations is your hobby, not corporate business. High price looking project will be not attractive for potential customers if they find adequate prices. But that’s good if you can to add something personal.


You can work without web site at many businesses. There are good to sell without site something for big auditory and have not high price. For example, services and merchandise for women, services and merchandise for car-lovers and etc.
People find this at social media channels and don’t want to go to web site. Usually there are fast and not important decisions. But everything about B2B have another decisions process: managers and specialist work accurately with all info they can found at corporate resource. Also very accurate with information people who buying furniture, electronics, find expensive or not-safety services.

And one more category which I cannot to move to any checklist.

If you have not another companies as your competitors.
May be you have a very unique service or merchandise. But also people want this. So your customer no matters about your web site design and he can find everything he want! (Believe me, if somebody extremely want to find something on site, he can do this with bad UX too. I analyses experiment where people can get big discount inside the web-site in articles and they can find this when manager tell about.)
But here a problem! If you create something new, it can have replaced by something old. For example, if you will invent new energy, but you have a competitor at companies who sell sun batteries. So there you need to be more successful then all companies like this.
Also without excellent marketing ( and web-site is just great marketing tool) people can not to see your unique service or merchandise.

Thanks for your attention!
Are you have a website? Can you sell with it?
P.S. Always happy for likes, comments, reposts!

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