About criticism

Feb 08, 2019


If you had been chose the designer career, then get ready for the fact that EVERYBODY will criticize you! Reasonable and not.

Design is very subjective activity, if somebody don’t know about your goals and start conditions, therefore a lot of people want to leave their opinion when they are not asked about. And, surely, not all people are civil and correct. So designer need to be ready to divide the criticism of work from criticism of personality. And sometimes ignore in general.

As for me, at all my career I heard (and hear sometimes) so many rude words about my works and my person, what not to count. And this is normal situation (I hope!). In this case, there were specific comments and useless. Every time when I read rude words about other designer’s work, I wondered and wondering, where in people so much cruelty came from!

Three cases when you can ignore the criticism

  • If you did not ask about. If you show your work at personal page, blog or even personal portfolio and you not ask about comments about your work, then no one has the right to leave opinion. If a person wants to help you, he will write in personal messages or in conversation.
  • If criticism is not objective and constructive. Non constructive criticism is personal opinion without any details. For example, “awful!”, “cool!”, “I can make better”, “oh no, I want to forget this” – all of this is kind of non-constructive criticism.
  • If you did not write about goals and ways to solve main problems. May be this is your mistake if you forgot to explain what you do, but design always appreciated by the side of solving the problem. It is impossible to evaluate the visual part separately, if it was not an end in itself to make a beautiful visual. And in fact, even a subjectively “scary” design can work in certain cases, for example, if the goal was to shock the public.

How to react on criticism

Okay. Suppose you uploaded case to public group and started to wait appreciation. But got just a lot of awful thoughts about your work. If your work is objectively weak and you have not achieved your goals, then you need to admit it. Be sure to thank the people who commented on your post. Not excuse, not abuse. Just say “thank you!”. And please separate criticism about your work and criticism about your personality.

If the customer criticizes
You client often don’t know how to criticize, because he/she not always know what you wanted to make. You can got “I like this/ I don’t like this” from your client, but you can specify the details.

If you ask a lot of specific questions, such as “What exactly do you dislike?”, “Why do you think the font is boring?”, “What’s wrong with the slider?”, then you can get specifics and transfer the criticism from useless to productive. You should definitely talk with the customer before starting work, what goals you want to achieve, and what you did to solve.

What about you, guys? Do you angry from criticism? Or thats Ok? =)

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