10 ways to increase profit as designer

Jan 20, 2017

designer profit 10 ways to increase it

Hello my dear friends and colleagues! Today, our world is in financial crisis so I confident that everybody thinks about personal income raising. Let s fight with poverty together!

I made 10 ways to rise income for myself. And want to share it!


1 way. Direct way. Just rise your prices.

It’s dangerous to sharp increase the prices but you can do it for 25-30 percents. All services, like a barber or lawyer services constantly rise in price. So why designers cannot ask for more? We have the right to safely raise the price tag, if our work at that level when the customer pleases quality rather than dumping price;)


2. Learn other skills.

It’s good if we can make nice icons. But why not to try yourself at something new, for example, in infographics! The main thing is choosing the fields that earns more than you doing right now. And new fields need to be demand on the market. For myself I spotted some ways. My top-3 are motion design, landing page making, ui/ux.


3. Participate to contests.

Why not? It s not bad for portfolio level up and make some cash. But earnings not guaranteed , therefore this way is for the risk lovers. But here a lot of people who works with contests professionally. You can find they at sites such as http://99designs.com/ and freelancer sites such as www.freelancer.com.


Work with foreigners.

It’s hard to start but finally It pays for itself. Interesting way to expand your circle of acquaintances. You can start at https://www.upwork.com/. Surely you need to know language of your potential customer or at least speak English.


Sell your works on microstocks.

This way good for persons who like to draw something for himself and what he likes. Microctocks pros is fact that you work can sold unlimited number of times, depending on how you feel the trends and what quality you can offer. There are a really high range of microstocks, you can easy google list. So example designer-oriented http://market.envato.com/ и https://creativemarket.com/ where you can sell bundles or whole web sites. And a lot of illustrator-oriented stocks like http://www.istockphoto.com/ , depositphotos.com, http://www.dreamstime.com/ – here you can sell separate product. Don’t wait big profit at start but if you will draw gradually, so you can get good money.


6. Management

Let’s throw design! =) You have a client base, you have a freelancer sites accounts with high rating. Get the orders and give it to other person who have a smaller rate. Here is important to get a high humbler of orders and take it fast. You need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and have to reduce the time for the profession of designer.


7. Learning courses.

Many high level designers, artists and other creative people who calling themselves couches yet make large profits on this! Why you need to learn when you can teach others? =) In fact, is a very cool and noble to teach others. Teaching is not given for everyone. May be it’s your calling?


8. Start-up.

Why not to make own project. For sure you have a friend who love to code and the same crazy to interesting ideas and dreams of Zuckerberg’s glory? You can try to make something just like site, mobile app, game or services company. Main thing is idea and motivation. If you can find a couple of hours daily for this so you can make different projects. May be something will be successful.


9. Fire from job and become a freelancer / Leave a freelance and go to the office.

If you live in little province city, it s likely that you never see high salaries of designer position. Freelance provides more opportunities if you can motivate yourself, know how to speak with people and constantly learning. But it can be that you have a big freelancer experience but something does not work and communications and business process is not for you. May be is good to go to the office team for new impressions, new collective atmosphere and the ability to work on your design skills. Every form of employment has its pros and cons, and I cannot sanctify this in one article.


Get out of the design.

I’m serious! May be this field is not for you? This variant can to be and don’t fear to face it. Everybody have own way and it will be awful if everybody would be a designer!

Stay in touch!

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